Friday, August 23, 2013

Wednesday, August 21

Dear Tatum,

Wednesday was the first day Grandma stayed in bed. She had no interest in getting up this morning, no interest in eating. I went and checked on her regularly, helping her go to the bathroom or change her pants when needed. She slept the day away. 

The nurse, Lynette, had come on Monday and noticed her breathing was a bit more labored--she called it panting. It remained the same on Tuesday. She seemed more tired, but still doing her normal routine. I called Lynette and she decided to send over oxygen to see if that might help. The one amazing thing about hospice is once they decide you need something, they get it to you almost immediately. I listened to horror stories of people not following the guidelines of using oxygen correctly, signed all the papers agreeing to keep an open flame at least 5 feet away from the oxygen, put the warning up in the window about the use of oxygen in the house, and then it was delivered. Grandma used it for a while. I'm not sure that it made much difference. It's a comfort measure and her choice to use it. She pulled it out after a bit. 

Lynette says Grandma may just be tired and in need of rest, or it may be a turning point. Given that she had the social worker deliver paperwork about what to do in the case of death, I'm thinking she believes it's the latter.

I managed to get Grandma out of bed at 7:00 p.m. to watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. I also got her to eat half a piece of toast with strawberry jam, some cantaloupe, and some strawberry yogurt. She ate it in between napping, then went back to bed shortly after Wheel of Fortune. 

It was the first day where it felt like she was truly declining. 



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