Sunday, July 28, 2013

Remember the Man From Walgreen's?

Greetings Gin,

It was delightful to find you skipping through the Library halls today. I
hoped somehow you might surface in the waves of serendipity one more time.
Vermont is so lucky to host your incandescent self, and you Grandma is indeed
blessed to have you.

I am glad that you may stay a little longer in Woodburn, - maybe you would
have time for a coffee with me, although I know you are diligently looking
after Grandma. My phone is (***) *** ****.

This Sunday I am preaching at Christ Lutheran Church in Aurora, just down the
road - on the gospel text of Mary and Martha, while Pastor Craig is
inexplicably cycling down to Northern California with two other pastors on the
lam from their congregations.

Who would you say that you identify with more, Mary or Martha?

Yours most sincerely and with joy for having seen you again!


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